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Congrats to Ariana and Zedd! Break Free is Platinum!

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Ariana leads the EMA’s with 6 nominations. It’s Ariana’s first time being nominated so don’t forget to vote for her everyday all you want! 

You can vote for Ariana here X and with the MTV EMA mobile app which is available free at the iTunes and Google Play stores.

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the first smile or giggle after someone has been crying is literally the most beautiful present in this world

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Anonymous: I just wish Justin and Ariana were together... :"(

my daily struggle

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"My loves, they are very important to me, just because they lift me up when I feel down. They provide me with endless amounts of motivation and inspiration and strength to keep going. Simple things, like they make me laugh. They are also there for me on a very real level, you know, like a family. So a lot of things, small and big."

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Anonymous: What seats are they??

the first section next to the stage halfway up, im fucking crying it’s so close and such a good angle im gonenne

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Ariana’s instagram posts  Snapchat

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anything and everything can be handled with either a mean girls quote, a first wives club quote, a to wong foo quote, or a showgirls quote

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